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Tolworth redevelopment

Tolworth Hospital Redevelopment

As part of the Trust’s Integrated Programme we have also received approval - as part of the Full Business Case and subject to certain conditions - to develop new health facilities at the Tolworth hospital site.

Tolworth Hospital will become another modern centre of excellence delivering expert mental health care.


Our facilities at Tolworth Hospital simply do not meet today's need. Existing buildings are mainly old, unsuitable and expensive to run which means we have less to spend on frontline services and jobs. Through our programme we intend to invest in better mental health services to create modern mental health inpatient services at Tolworth Hospital.

Investing in Tolworth Hospital

We want to ensure our patients receive the best possible care in the best facilities. Our new buildings at Tolworth Hospital will meet the latest standards for mental health care as suggested by the Care Quality Commission (the NHS regulator), providing excellent facilities for our patients and a good working environment for our staff.

The new hospital will require millions of pounds of investment but overall there will be a significant reduction in running costs and excellent clinical benefits for our patients. Our aim is for our new hospitals at Springfield and Tolworth to lead the way and become centres of excellent for mental health service provision.

What’s happening at Tolworth?

Following careful consultation with service users, carers and staff, we are planning to redevelop Tolworth Hospital alongside Springfield University Hospital as our two largest sites.  

After the new healthcare buildings are completed at Springfield, Tolworth will form the second phase of our programme and will be subject to further approvalprocesses before we are able to start work. Timings for developments at Tolworth are also dependent on the sales of our surplus estates, but are currently scheduled to commence in early 2023, concluding in early 2025.


  • Updating the current, outdated buildings
  • Improving ward layouts, creating a good environment for patients and staff
  • Effective use of NHS resources in the long-term future
  • Providing care and accommodation of the very best standard
  • Reducing running costs so more can be spent on frontline services and jobs