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Crisis Emergency Care Services (CECS)

Our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) help young people who are experiencing mental health issues.

These services are provided in community locations as well as in our inpatient wards (Aquarius, Wisteria and Corner House) based at Springfield Hospital

Video with Dr Diana Cassell, Clinical Director CAMHS

Crisis Emergency Care Service CECS

The CAMHS Emergency Care Service (CECS) is a team of specialist nurses who provide assessment and management plans for young people up to age 18 who come to accident and emergency and children's wards having a mental health crisis.

The CECS also provide urgent 7 day follow ups for young people who are registered with a GP in one of the Trust's five boroughs and who have been seen at local and non-local hospitals.

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Referral criteria and process

Referrals to the service can be made by any healthcare professional working in the ED or wards across the 4 local hospitals.

To make a referral please complete a CECS referral form and email to and  please call 07870917114 to confirm receipt. Once a referral is accepted a member of the team will travel to the hospital and begin the assessment. During the assessment the nurse will talk with the young person and family to gain an understanding of their current situation, health, family and social history. If a referral does not meet criteria for the CECS we will provide advice and liaison on next steps.


Referral Criteria – The young people suitable for referral to CECS include those who have presented to the ED with:

  • an episode of self-harm
  • serious intent or risk of suicide attempt
  • acute onset of psychosis
  • acute deterioration in mental health

CECS also provide urgent 5 working day follow ups for young people who are registered with a GP in one of the trusts 5 boroughs and who have presented to local and non-local hospitals.

Contingency/ provision out of hours:

Out of hours CAMHS assessments at St Georges Hospital are covered by the Liaison Psychiatry Service, a CAMHS SPR is also available for support via the SWLSTG switchboard on 020 3513 5000. CECS will provide follow up appointments within 5 working days for young people who are assessed and discharged out of hours and can make contact with those young people and families on the day of referral.