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Waiting Times

It can be difficult waiting for support after being referred to services. We are committed to seeing Children and Young people as soon as possible. We endeavour to keep our waiting times to a minimum however these can depend on the demand for services and staffing. We are committed to providing open and clear information about this depending on which part of CAMHS you are waiting to access. The following detail explains average waits, as well as number of people waiting and likely time you will wait from a referral to initial assessment. Please note these are average waits and therefore you may find yourself seen sooner or slightly longer than estimated. 

To support you during your waits we have provided some useful tools and information which you can use to support you during this time. These can be found under the resources tab above.

RTT (Referral to Treatment) - this is from the time we receive your referral to your second clinical appointment.

Average wait - This is the average time people waited for this therapy during the previous month. It is counted from the time you are added to the waiting list until you start your first therapy appointment.

Number of people waiting - this number is taken from the end of the previous month.

RTT (referral to treatment) waits:

Team Name Average weeks wait Number of people waiting
CAMHS Complex Learning Disabilities  4.3
CAMHS Eating Disorders  2 14 
CAMHS Neuro Development Team (Diagnostic Service)  14.2 129 
Adolescence Assertive Outreach Team  1.5
Deaf Community CAMHS Services  8.3 46 
CAMHS Emergency Care Service     1


Tier 3/Getting More Help Therapy Waits:

Tier 3 services are for Children and Young People who require help with moderate to severe mental health needs. We sometimes call these services 'Getting More Help'.

Team Name Average weeks wait Number of people waiting
Kingston Tier 3 ADHD Titration  34.3  36
Kingston Tier 3  Family Therapy   11 
Kingston Tier 3 Individual Therapy  19.3 59 
Kingston Tier 3 Psychiatry  25.3 16 
Merton Tier 3 ADHD Titration  20.3 28 
Merton Tier 3 Family Therapy  63.9  19
Merton Tier 3 Individual Therapy  17.3
Merton Tier 3 Psychiatry  13  10
Richmond Tier 3 ADHD Titration    18
Richmond Tier 3 Family Therapy  48  26
Richmond Tier 3 Individual Therapy  25.6  80
Richmond Tier 3 Psychiatry    10
Sutton Tier 3 ADHD medication review  12.1  4
Sutton Tier 3 Family Therapy  3.6  3
Sutton Tier 3 Individual Therapy   6.1  12
Wandsworth Tier 3 ADHD medication review     
Wandsworth Tier 3 Family Therapy  17.1  10
Wandsworth Tier 3 Individual Therapy  15.3  57
Wandsworth Tier 3 Psychiatry  22.6 11