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staff support

Student support

There is a fortnightly OT Student Support Group (if sufficient numbers of students on placement to make the group viable) that meets for one hour. 

The group, which is facilitated by a Senior OT, takes place in OT Central Office, Building 7, Springfield Hospital. 

It aims to provide a supportive environment where students can share experiences and seek additional peer support and professional advice.  It gives the time and space for students to meet each other ensuring that they feel supported during their placement with us.  The Support Group is a confidential environment where students can discuss concerns and difficult experiences related to their placement. It is acknowledged, however, that if something arises during the group that has safety or ethical implications it will be discussed outside the group in consultation with the student.

Following each Support Group is a one-hour, small group seminar, which is facilitated by an OT from within the Trust.  The seminars provide students with practical information on the application of the Occupational Therapy process with a range of people with different health and social care needs.  Seminar topics may include the role of OT in forensic, learning disabilties, eating disorders or community settings. 

Attendance is compulsory.

  pdf Support seminar programme (171 KB)

Tips for students with a disability asking for reasonable adjustments

  • Use strategies already used in day- to- day life including those utilised to complete the academic part of an OT course.
  • Develop an awareness of your own needs and limitations.
  • Be open to change. If you are open to discussion with your PPE you will develop your own set of personal strategies to assist you on placement as you progress.
  • Be prepared to state clearly what you need probably more than once.
  • Be open and honest with you PPE. Dont make assumptions that others will know what you need. Talk it through in supervision.
  • Understand that placement can be busy and demanding and you will have to be able to compromise at times as all students need to do when their PPE is busy.
  • Be prepared to assert your right when needed but also be prepared to laugh when things do not always go as planned.
  • Keep in touch with your university and ask for advice or support before things reach crisis point.

Additional Support 

If during a placement you experience personal or work related difficulties, which you feel are affecting your performance, it is important that you firstly discuss them with your practice placement educator.  If, however, the difficulties cannot be resolved,  contact Jane Smith, Trust Placement Co-ordinator - 020 3513 6362