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Thursday, 27 October 2022

Moving to the new Trinity and Shaftesbury Buildings

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Q&A with Sarah Adams, Clinical and Operational Delivery Lead for South West London and St George’s Estate Modernisation Team.

Why are we changing our buildings? 

As part of our mission, ‘Making Life Better Together’, we want to ensure that alongside great services, our patients are treated in modern facilities that provide a more integrated approach to mental health care.

Trinity and Shaftesbury form a central part of Springfield Village. The new homes and public square with shops and cafes surrounded by a new park will enhance the local environment. This will also help to challenge the perceptions of mental health by embedding the hospital into our local community. 

Sarah Image1What services will run from these buildings?

The Trinity and Shaftesbury buildings will accommodate our existing wards plus a range of clinical and non-clinical teams alongside community mental health services. This means that some of our services will be relocating into these new spaces. You can find out more here in our FAQs and further information about the changes to patient services.

Have staff, patients and carers been informed about the moves?

We are working very closely with our colleagues, patients and carers to ensure the moves are well planned and customised to the needs of each individual service. In July we started a period of inducting our staff teams into the new spaces so that they get a real feel for their new working environment. Weekly updates and regular meetings take place so that we can actively respond to questions as they are presented.

Our staff, patients and service users have taken part in tours of the Trinity Building. Information setting out how and when the moves will take place has been made available alongside bespoke ‘move boxes’, and ‘welcome packs’ to assist with the moves.

We know that change presents its challenges, so we are continuously listening and gathering feedback to ensure that thescreenshot.JPG transition into Trinity and Shaftesbury is completed as smoothly as possible. 

You can hear more about the new space and how we’ve actively involved staff, patients and carers in Sarah Adams’ video.

Will the hospital address change?

Yes. Our address is changing. On 4th November 2022, our main address will change to:

South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust, Trinity Building, Springfield University Hospital, 15 Springfield Drive, London, SW17 0YF

Springfield Hospital now looks and feels very different with changes to roads and facilities. Entrances onto the estate remain at Glenburnie Road and Burntwood Lane. The new layout, including the changes to road names and buildings, are detailed in the map below.

Springfield University Hospital Map

You can find a list of these new addresses for each of our buildings at Springfield here.

Trinity building tours

Over the summer, our staff, patients and local communities took part in tours of the new facilities. Over 200 people signed up to view the new hospital building alsongside Chapel Square and its fantastic public amenities. The buildings will be opened from late autumn 2022 so there will be plenty of opportunities to visit in the coming months.