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Thursday, 22 June 2023

Making mental health an everyday conversation

Would you know how to help someone who’s struggling with their mental health?

It's important we make talking about mental health an everyday conversation. That's why Saffron, Kirt and Dani from South West London and St George’s Mental NHS Trust sat down to discuss how we can best support people struggling with their mental health, the signs to look out for and the NHS services available locally.

Making mental health an everyday conversationOur new podcast - Making mental health an everyday conversation - also covers why some people find it difficult to talk about their mental health and how we can help someone who might be struggling to open up.

Introducing the podcast, Saffron, who works in mental health communications, says: “It’s been a really tough few years with the COVID pandemic, the cost of living crisis and other challenges which have had their impact on many of us, and for some our mental health.

“So we’re going to hear more about what you can do to help your family, your friends, your neighbours and those in your community if you think they might be reaching a mental health crisis. I’m going to talk to a trained mental health professional (Kirt) and somebody else with lived experience of mental health (Dani).”

During the podcast, Kirt talks about how to approach someone you might be worried about: “If you see someone who doesn’t look right, and you’re concerned about their mental health and wellbeing, ask how are you? Slow it down a bit, slow them down a bit, and say how are you today? And be available to continue the conversation.”

Listen today to find how you can best help a family member, friend or colleague if they’re struggling with how they’re feeling:

Where to find help with your mental health in south west London

From urgent care if you’re experiencing a mental health crisis to support with common challenges and symptoms such as stress, anxiety or a low mood, there are a range of free and confidential services available – including NHS Recovery Cafés, Talking Therapies and the 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line.

NHS Recovery Cafés are a walk-in out of hours mental health support service which you don’t need a referral or an appointment for. The cafés offer a safe and welcoming space for all adults living in south west London who are struggling with their mental health or feel at risk of going into a crisis.

NHS Talking Therapies offer effective and confidential treatments for common mental health problems like stress, anxiety and depression. Help is available in person, by video, over the phone or as an online course. You can refer yourself directly without a referral from a GP, or a GP can refer you.

The 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line - 0800 028 8000 - is there if you’re experiencing a mental health crisis and need urgent help. It is open to everyone: both children and adults of all ages, and to people who haven’t previously accessed mental health services. The crisis line’s team of trained NHS mental health professionals will help you to get the care and support you need.

Find out more about these services here: If you need help with your mental health today, we’re here for you (


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