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Monday, 26 July 2021

Get involved in the Summer of Play campaign

Get involved in the Summer of Play campaign

This summer we are supporting the #summerofplay campaign.

We believe children have the right to engage in play and recreational activities that are appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts as stated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 31.

 We are encouraging all children, in all our communities, to have space and time for play this summer by supporting:

  1. Fun - We encourage children to have fun and express themselves through play.
  2. Friends – We promote children to have opportunities to play with friends and peers.
  3. Freedom - We support children to have space, time, and opportunities for free play.

 Play and physical activity can play a vital role supporting children’s well-being and development. Whether it is going down to the park with friends or family, playing in a sports team or attending a holiday club – being active delivers important benefits to children and young people. Evidence has linked play and physical activity to:

  •  Improved mental health and wellbeing. Children who play are happier and more confident. They are better at dealing with stress and forming healthy attachments.
  • Better physical health. Playing and being active supports children’s physiological, cardiovascular and motor skills development. It is also crucial in enabling children to maintain a healthy weight – now, as children, and in the future, as adults.
  • Cognitive development. Play teaches children to use language effectively and solve problems. It also improves memory and concentration.
  •  Social development. Through play and physical activity, children learn how to negotiate, cooperate and see things from other people’s points of view.

You can find a number of resources to help with child’s play here;

Disney Shake Up Games | 10 Minute Shake Up | Change4Life (

Resources for supporting play — Summer Of Play


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