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Monday, 20 April 2020

Temporary Closure of Lavender Ward

Temporary Closure of Lavender Ward

As a Trust, our top priority remains the safety of our patients and staff, and as part of our response to Covid-19 we are working with NHS England, the SWL Integrated Care System and our staff and service users to ensure that we are in line with Government guidance.

We have already made some temporary changes to services to protect both our patients and our staff, including changes to some of our wards. As a result of these changes some groups of patients have been supported at home to help with social distancing and meet all of their health needs safely.

This has allowed for some services to temporarily close such as Wisteria Ward (CAMHS Eating Disorders), Corner House (CAMHS Deaf) and Seacole Ward (Adult OCD) and for those staff to be temporarily redeployed to support other services most impacted by Covid related staff absences.

The acute service line has seen continuing impact from Covid related staff absence and therefore, we are now planning to temporarily close Lavender Ward at Queen Mary’s Hospital. This will help us to support other wards across the Trust which have been impacted by Covid-19, as we can temporarily redeploy staff from Lavender ward to other areas. 

We are currently working to ensure the changes are carefully and safely managed, including working with Lavender ward patients on appropriate plans and with the staff on how they will be redeployed.  Each patient is being assessed to ensure that their individual needs are met.

We will of course, continue to monitor the situation closely, making any adjustments necessary should they be needed, as well as planning for a reopening once the Covid-19 situation eases.