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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Trust hosts Exercise Professionals for Mental Health Conference

Trust hosts Exercise Professionals for Mental Health Conference

South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust will host the second Exercise Professionals for Mental Health (EPMH) conference which will be attended by mental health specialists from a variety of professions on the importance of exercise for patients.


Clinicians and researchers from all over the country will gather at the Trust on Friday 1 November 2019 to talk about research and ideas about physical activity being key to managing and recovering from mental health conditions.

Sofie Grabinski, senior clinical exercise therapist at the Trust and co-founder of EPMH and Steven Clark, founder of EPMH, organised the conference.

They said: “There is increasing evidence that exercise can help prevent and manage mental health conditions.  Physical activity can also improve physical health, so as our bodies are often impacted by our mental health, it makes exercise even more important.”

“Those with serious mental health conditions currently have a life expectancy of 15-25 years less than the general population. We want to work to address this and improve outcomes and quality of life for our service users.”

The conference will see a number of experts exploring subjects including the benefits of high intensity training for those with severe mental health conditions and nutrition and weight management in our patients and service users.

Speakers from organisations including the Royal College of Psychiatrists, King’s College London, NHS England, Public Health England, Mind and Rethink will debate innovative ways to improve the care and experience of our communities, patients, service users and carers all over the country.

Acting Trust chief executive Vanessa Ford, who will open the conference, said:

“We are proud to host an event which brings together colleagues from a variety of organisations who all share my belief – exercise is key to preventing, recovering from and managing mental health conditions.

“As a mental health nurse, I have seen the huge difference it can make to both physical and mental health when service users take part in physical activity.

“The conference is being organised by the Exercise Professionals for Mental Health Network, which was established last year.”

The network aims to promote the role of exercise and physical activity in supporting people manage their mental and physical health, and to ensure it is at the core of patient care, but also to develop standards and guidelines for Exercise Professionals, service providers and organisations to follow to ensure safe, effective, quality practice is delivered within secondary care settings.