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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Trust launches essential checklist for high quality care   

Trust launches essential checklist for high quality care   

The delivery of high quality patient-centred care is at the heart of everything we do. We aspire to provide exceptional care which is personalised and always takes into account the individual needs and preferences of our service users.

This mission is set out in the Trust’s Quality Plan which has been developed to provide our staff with the tools and guidance needed to drive further improvements, ensuring our service users receive the highest standards of care.

The 11 Fundamental Standards of Care

A core component of our Quality Plan is the 11 Fundamental Standards of Care. These are a new set of clinical standards created by our Trust – an essential checklist for providing high quality care, covering everything from safeguarding children to the Mental Health Act.

Explaining the new standards, Sharon Spain, Executive Director of Nursing and Quality, said: “I already see care being provided extremely well, however these standards are designed to be a quick and easy reference guide to enhance the work our teams are already doing. This will ensure that all our patients and carers will consistently experience a great standard of care whichever service they are looked after in.”

New printed resources, online webinars and ‘Quality Lunches’

The Trust has turned the Fundamental Standards of Care into a brand new printed resource – an A4 folder containing a set of 11 laminated cards. 140 folders have been printed – one for every clinical area/ward – along with 2,000 ‘pocket-sized’ versions of the standards – one for each of our clinicians.

The new resources have been rolled out by ‘Fundamental Leads’ – a senior clinician appointed in each of the Trust’s 120 services to support their colleagues. They are the ‘go to’ key person for questions on and support for the Fundamental Standards of Care.

A programme of staff events was recently held to embed the standards into our services. This included a series of six 50-minute webinars, which each saw more than 50 clinicians join for honest, productive discussions about how we care for our service users.

To train our Fundamental Leads and give all clinicians an opportunity to come and learn about the Fundamental Standards of Care face-to-face, the Trust also hosted three ‘Quality Lunch’ workshops. More than 130 attended for presentations, a quiz and lunch!

To continue embedding the standards into our services, Fundamental Leads are in the process of rolling out local Quality Lunches for their services. A toolkit has been developed to support them and the Trust is hosting online workshops so they can discuss how the roll-out of the standards in their services is going – an opportunity to ask questions, share good practice and ideas.


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