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Thursday, 14 September 2023

Unveiling Springfield Park – 32 acres of open parkland for South West Londoners to enjoy

In the summer of 2023, we opened the first 16 acres of Springfield Park for the public to enjoy. The first part of the park is home to a huge variety of plant and animal life as well as open ponds, gardens, paths and a footbridge. Among the hundreds of sustainably sourced trees and plants, there are around four acres of wild grass and flowers creating vital wildlife corridors.

AlreadyPark for web 2 calling the park home are a range of geese, mallard ducks, heron and coots as well as common frogs and toads. We have also spotted dragonflies, ladybirds, butterflies, moths, and various types of bees as well as a wealth of creepy crawlies, which is amazing for the biodiversity of the park. Visit the part today and see what you can find!

In 2024, a further 16 acres of parkland will open, and will boast a pavilion café, sensory gardens, children's playground, a youth shelter and areas for ball games – as well as a further 400 new trees and shrubs. An amphitheatre, another large green and pond and a further 140 trees and shrubs with more wild grasses and flowers, will also open.

Park for web 3The park has important green credentials too. As well as adding to local biodiversity, the park has meant that no waste has been taken offsite following the development of Springfield Village – it’s all been reused in the park. The amphitheatre will be built using reclaimed brick from the construction of Springfield Village, while the ponds’ ‘attenuation ponds’ are a sustainable rainwater collection system.

As well as providing a secure space for wildlifePark for web to thrive and communities to exercise and relax, the park represents the known link between good physical and mental health, providing access to green spaces for staff and service users alike.

South West London and St George’s Integrated Programme Director, Ian Garlington said: "Springfield Village is the biggest developed in London since the 2012 Olympics, and the park is a huge component of our plans and will transform the landscape of the area for generations.

Park for web 4“We know that access to open spaces and green, sustainable projects are priorities for south west Londonders and this programme recognises that commitment."

You can find out more about Springfield Village – and our plans to develop our other sites on our website here.


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