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Media Statements

 Below you will find our recent statements.

28 February 2018

Statement regarding Eating Disorders Service consultation

We wanted to take the opportunity to set the record straight so everyone can have the facts.

As an NHS Trust with one of the longest established and largest eating disorders services nationally we are duty bound to provide the highest quality service – based on best practice guidance and evidence based wherever possible.

This is why we are making some changes to an old service so that that it can be in line with the new NICE guidance from May 2017 and the quality standards for eating disorders set by the Royal College of Psychiatrists (QED), meaning that resources and treatment options are as up-to-date as possible.

The changes will mean that both staff and the patients can benefit across the inpatient unit, day unit and outpatient eating disorders service. The improvements include:

  • A brand new Nurse Manager post in the eating disorders day unit providing physical monitoring and clinical management.
  • A bigger variety of psychological therapies being available in inpatient and day patient services which will support patients with different needs.
  • Better joined-up care and treatment for patients moving into or out of our services
  • More specialist clinical supervision for the nursing team across the care and treatment we provide.
  • Improved reflective practice for the expert inpatient multi–disciplinary team who care for patients.
  • Stronger clinical leadership in terms of a new senior clinical Occupational Therapy role.

We understand that not everyone reading the petition would have been made aware of these facts – and that we are making these improvements across the whole service.

We have spoken with staff and our patients about these changes and we will continue to do so.

Not everyone will agree with these changes – but it’s really important that everyone signing this petition knows that we are absolutely clear that we are committed to providing the very best possible care and treatment to our patients and we would not make changes – no matter how small, if they were not going to improve the services we provide.




23 May 2017

Statement regarding Neuro CAMHS Assessment Service

“In the recent Trust board meeting in May, suggested changes to our CAMHS Neurodevelopmental Assessment Service were presented. No decision has been made by the Trust or by the commissioning CCGs. Any changes would require detailed engagement with stakeholders and Merton CCG, as lead commissioner working with partner CCGs, will talk to local people before reaching any final conclusions on how best to go forward.

We recognise the concerns of families of children with a neurodevelopmental condition and the groups who support them and that these must be addressed in any proposal brought forward for consideration.

The Trust and SWL CCG commissioners are committed to working together to ensure young people access the most appropriate service for their needs. We need to get the model of service and service capacity right for the range of needs across SW London.”