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Brenda Road

Who we are

The supported house is able to assist patients assume responsibility for their lives with the aim of resettling patients in suitable settings that enable them to maximise opportunities for independent living.

Who is the service for

This service is for adults.

Where to find us

21 Brenda Road
SW17 7DD

Telephone: 0203 513 5852/5853

Our opening hours

24 hours

Who you might see / our staff

Christine Badi

What you can expect

All people who use our services get an assessment of their mental health needs and a plan of the care and support they will receive. They will have one named person who co-ordinates their care and support. This person will be called either a named professional or, if your needs are more complex,  a care co-ordinator. This person should be your main point of contact and you can speak to them about how you treatment and support are going.