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Child and Adolescent Neurodevelopmental service

Who we are

The Neurodevelopmental Assessment Service offers assessment where there is a clearly identified need for assessment of possible Autistic Spectrum Disorder / Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder. 


Who is the service for

This is a specialist service for children and young people up to 18 years old with a referral of Autism or ADHD, their parents/carers and other professionals who work with them. 

Conditions we treat

We cover the following conditions:

Autism spectrum disorder

Where to find us

Springfield University Hospital
Building 1
61 Glenburnie Road
SW17 7DJ

Telephone: 020 3513 6716

Our opening hours

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

Who you might see / our staff

  • • Dr Mark Chapman – Clinical Psychologist

    • Dr Su Sukumaran – Consultant Child Psychiatrist

    • Dr Neethu Hashim – Consultant Child Psychiatrist

    • Dr Rosanna Catinella – Clinical Psychologist

    • Dr Jessica Howe – Clinical Psychologist

    • Stephen Gilles – Family Therapist

    • Bettina Pataki – Practitioner Psychologist

    • Fiayo Okunribido – Assistant Psychologist

    • Shasoty Hossain – Assistant Psychologist

    • Aristea Giannakopoulou – Assistant Psychologist

    • Taylor Saravanamuttoo – Assistant Psychologist

    • Edward Oshodi – Assistant Psychologist

    • Pauline Davis-Peart – Lead Administrator

    • Rose Luckett – Team Administrator

What you can expect

Anyone who uses our services first gets an assessment of their mental health needs.

Assessments typically last 2 hours during which parents/carers will have a parental interview and young people have a play based assessment.

Following the play based assessment, feedback will be provided to the parent/carer and young person. 


Referrals should come through the Single Point of Access for the relevant borough.

Conditions we treat