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Lotus Assessment Suite

Who we are

If you, or a family member, experiences a mental health crisis you may find that you are referred to the Lotus Assessment Suite. The Lotus Assessment Suite provides a safe and stable, calming environment away from A&E which allows mental health staff to undertake more detailed and informed assessments of people experiencing a mental health crisis and to agree what the best follow up support for them will be. The assessment suite is not a ward and does not have beds; instead we have 7 recliner chairs.

Who is the service for

This service is for adults who are experiencing a mental health crisis and need urgent assessment.

Where to find us

Storey building
Springfield University Hospital
7 Springfield Drive
SW17 0YF

Telephone: 020 3513 5000

Our opening hours

24 hours

Who you might see / our staff

Team Manager: Jess Kidd-Scott
Consultant Psychiatrist: Dr Sean Whyte 

What you can expect

When you arrive you will be seen by a nurse who will show you around the assessment suite. The nurse will discuss the nature of your crisis with you and what the best options might be.

The time and space that the assessment suite offers, gives patients time to think through the immediate crisis and the sort of help they need to recover, both over the short and longer term.

It also gives our staff time to carry out an informed assessment, create a collaborative, tailored treatment plan and make appropriate arrangements for on-going support in the community where feasible. The assessment suite is not a ward and does not have beds. However, we will ensure your comfort, privacy and dignity throughout the assessment through:

  • meals and snacks being provided
  • access to bathroom/showering facilities
  • horizontal recliner chairs enabling people to rest/sleep as required

The assessment is designed around your needs, but we expect most assessments to be competed and follow up plans agreed within 24 hours. Most people will have follow up through one of our community mental health services, although some will require inpatient treatment.


Referrals to the Lotus Assessment Suite will come from within acute hospitals’ Liaison Psychiatry service, mental health Street Triage teams in partnership with the police and ambulance services and Crisis and Home Treatment Teams.