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OCD/BDD Service - Trustwide

Who we are

Our service provides community-based treatment advice, support and joint working with CMHT. We also provide  information, education and consultation including at the primary care level and the voluntary sector for OCD and BDD.

You can find more in-depth information on our services, eligibility and referral process here.


Who is the service for

This service is for adults over 18 who live in the Trust catchment area.  Usually it is expected that patients have not responded to two trials of appropriate medication for OCD/BDD as well as a previous trial of CBT.  Exceptions can be made in individual circumstance depending on severity and need of the individual patient.

Conditions we treat

We cover the following conditions:

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Where to find us

Morrison, Building 9, Entrance 3
Springfield University Hospital
Jupiter Way
SW17 0LL

Telephone: 0203 513 6961

Our opening hours

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Who you might see / our staff

Dr Ilenia Pampaloni: Consultant

Sharon Benson: Team Manager

Augusta Chandler: Team Manager 

What you can expect

Anyone who uses our services first gets an assessment of their mental health needs and a plan of the care and support they will receive. They will also will also have one named person who co-ordinates their care and support. This person will be called either a named professional or,  if your needs are more complex,  a care co-ordinator. This person should be your main point of contact.  You can speak to them about how your treatment and support are going. If you come to hospital we will make sure you are given information about your rights and that you are only in hospital for as long as you need.  When you arrive you will be given a welcome pack which will give you and your family all the information you need to know  - like the visiting times and phone numbers.

How to contact us


The e-RS route is now the only way for GP Practices to send in referrals. This means that all first outpatient referrals must come into our Trust via the Electronic Referral Service (e-RS).   

Referrals can be made by Primary and Secondary Care by filling in the referral form.

All referrals should contain:

  • a brief description of patient's current problems
  • relevant history
  • current care plan and risk assessment.
  • If significant risk is identified then details of the patient's care co-ordinator and their continued involvement must be provided.

Referrals of patients under section are not accepted. We are happy to assess once the patient is voluntary. This is to ensure that the patient --is providing informed consent to undertake therapy.

Contact: 020 3513 6961.

You can find more in-depth information on our services, eligibility and referral process here.


Conditions we treat