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Perinatal mental health service

Who we are

The Community Perinatal Mental Health Service is a specialist service run by the Trust currently based at St George’s Hospital that is in the process of expanding into maternity units and community settings in Kingston, Richmond, Sutton, Merton and Wandsworth.

Over the next few months the service will grow and our referral criteria will change as new staff come into post.  For more information on referrals follow this link  

Who is the service for

This service is for women who live in the five London boroughs served by the Trust who are either pregnant, or in the first year following the birth of their baby, and who present with moderate to severe mental health problems or with high risk factors for perinatal mental health problems due to personal or family history. Women with a known history of mental illness on psychotropic medication are eligible for pre-conception counselling and advice.

You can read more about our perinatal services here

Conditions we treat

We cover the following conditions:

Postnatal depression

Where to find us

2nd Floor Grosvenor Wing
St George's Hospital
Blackshaw Road
SW17 0QT

Telephone: 020 3513 6577
Fax: 0203 513 4461

Our opening hours

Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Who you might see / our staff

Our team has specialist perinatal mental health nurses and perinatal consultant psychiatrists.

We also have access to psychological services and work closely with midwifery services and health visitors.


What you can expect

Anyone who uses our services first gets an assessment of their mental health needs and a plan of the care and support they will receive. They will also will also have one named person who co-ordinates their care and support. This person will be called either a named professional or,  if your needs are more complex,  a care co-ordinator. This person should be your main point of contact.  You can speak to them about how your treatment and support are going.


If you would like to be referred to a perinatal mental health service please talk to one of your healthcare providers. This could be anyone providing care to you, such as a GP, midwife, obstetrician, community mental health team or a health visitor.   If you are not eligible for our service they will be able to refer you to alternative support.

If you are a healthcare provider wanting to make a referral please be aware that we are currently expanding the service.  Over the next few months the referral criteria will be updated as new staff, across south west London, come into post.  For information about our referral criteria and a referral form please follow this link.


Conditions we treat