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Richmond Memory services

Who we are

The memory service is designed to meet the needs of adults of all ages with symptoms of mild to moderate dementia who have not already received a diagnosis. General practitioners refer patients who they suspect may have mild to moderate dementia which is beginning to impact on the person’s day-to-day living/people with memory problems, where a diagnosis of dementia is suspected; people with dementia, where confirmation of the sub type and/or specialist advice is required.

Who is the service for

The service is for older people with mental health conditions aged 18 and over for cognitive impairment.  75 and over for functional mental illness.  (Frailty as well as other physical health conditions are also taken into consideration where patients with a functional mental illness are below 75)

Conditions we treat

Where to find us

Livingston House
2-6 Queens Road
TW11 0LB

Telephone: 020 3513 3663
Fax: 020 3513 3625

Our opening hours

Richmond community mental health team is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Who you might see / our staff


Dr Robert Lawrence - Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Raed Jumaily:-  (Speciality Doctor)

Lisa Dakar: - Team Manager

Charles Arkaah:-  Dementia Nurse Specialist


What you can expect

Anyone who uses our services first gets an assessment of their mental health needs and a plan of the care and support they will receive. They will also will also have one named person who co-ordinates their care and support. This person will be called either a named professional or,  if your needs are more complex,  a care co-ordinator. This person should be your main point of contact.  You can speak to them about how your treatment and support are going.

How to contact us


Referrals come via the following routes:

  • General Practitioners
  • Health professionals providing services at (local district) hospitals
  • Liaison Psychiatry Department
  • Duty Psychiatrist and Duty Psychiatrist for A&E
  • Local Adult CMHTs

How to make a referral

Single point of access: