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Richmond Personality Disorder Intensive Treatment Team

Who we are

Richmond PDITT is based at Barnes Hospital and is a service for adults aged eighteen or over who have a primary diagnosis of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD).

In the first instance we offer assessments in the PD Pathway for appropriateness of all potential psychological treatment models available in the Richmond Borough.

The main treatment offered in PDITT is Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT) which is a specialised modified form of psychotherapy that focuses on handling emotional distress and difficulties in managing relationships.

We work with people who have experienced persistent psychological distress who often manage this through self-harming, self-dangerous /destructive and self neglecting behaviour and who also frequently have contact with the acute and urgent services provided both by Trust and by police, ambulance, A&E ands others.

The MBT programme is a group based programme, and individual therapy sessions are offered only as a support for patients to make use of the group programme. We recognise that being a member of a group can be anxiety provoking however MBT group programmes have been found to be effective in supporting those with relationships and emotional difficulties associated with EUPD.

Our 18 month intensive outpatient programme offers a combination of weekly group therapy and weekly individual therapy sessions.  This is followed by a step down process for a further 12 months of gradually reducing individual therapy sessions, and a monthly Transition Group. Patients are usually then discharged back to their GP on completion of the therapy programme.

We also offer a monthly Friends and Family Group for those involved with our patients. This is a psycho-educative group conducted by the Consultant Psychiatrist, but where peer support can be accessed.

Who is the service for

The service is available for adults aged eighteen and above who live in the Borough of Richmond.

We can also begin the assessment and engagement phase with patients aged 17 and a half, when referred from the Trust’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

PDITT works with patients with complex and pervasive emotional and relational difficulties.

Whilst the core diagnosis would be EUPD, diagnosis of other personality disorders and other disorders (e.g. Eating Disorders or ADHD) are NOT exclusion criteria.

However a stand alone diagnosis of Anti Social Personality Disorder is an exclusion criterion for our service.

Where to find us

Richmond PDITT
Livingston House
2-6 Queens Road
TW11 0LB

Telephone: 020 3513 5000

Our opening hours

Monday to Friday 09.00 - 17.00

Who you might see / our staff

Team Consultant: Dr. Martin Humphrey

Team Manager, Specialist MBT Therapist: Sarah Marvelly-Bovill

Highly Specialist MBT Therapist and Supervisor: Hannah Pearce

Specialist MBT Therapist: Rachel Wilcocks

Specialist MBT Therapist: Sara Darington

What you can expect

A referral once accepted will then be followed by an assessment process and then may progress down a number of possible treatment pathways.

A brief overview is provided below:

Assessment and Engagement:

This involves meeting with the Consultant Psychiatrist  over a period of sessions to try to begin the process of understanding the difficulties impacting on a patient’s life, and think about them together. Any recommendations or plan going forward will be made explicit and involve the patient. This may or may not involve PDITT, psychology input form the Recovery Support Team, or the Service User Network Groups (SUN) for example.

MBT Programme:

Initially this involves a 7 week psycho-education course in a group setting which is an opportunity to learn about MBT and also experience being in a group. We explore the principles of MBT, concepts of attachment and relationships, and personality disorder. Psycho-education involves teaching and discussing with a group of people about their mental health and the impact on their lives. This can in and of itself feel beneficial.

Following this, it might be that the patient and the team agree that it would be helpful to continue onto the MBT Intensive Programme, and they will then start the 18 month treatment programme. 

Patients will have a named member of staff, their individual therapist who will co-ordinate their care and communicate with any other professionals or family/friends that they so wish, or are required to be involved. 

In the initial individual therapy sessions we will aim to review the care and crisis plans and the goals for therapy.

In the first 3 months of therapy we will work with the patient on a joint Formulation which will be discussed in the 3 month Treatment Care Programme Approach (CPA) review. This formulation aims to offer an understanding of a patient’s vulnerabilities from a MBT perspective.

The patient’s core therapy team will be their allocated Group Therapist and their Individual Therapist; however the other team members will be aware of all patients and their work in the programme.

How to contact us


All external referrals need to be made via the Kingston and Richmond Assessment Team, the single point of entry to all secondary mental health services.

This is usually made via the Richmond Wellbeing Service after their screening, following a GP or self referral.

We are a specialist service that is linked to the Recovery Support Teams, and as such we cannot be referred to directly.

Please email if you have any questions.