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Sutton ADHD/ASD Diagnostic Service

Who we are

The Sutton Adult ADHD/ASD Service is based at Jubilee Health Centre and is a service for adults aged eighteen or over, who are registered with a Sutton CCG GP and who do not have a learning disability. It is an ADHD and ASD specific, non-urgent, part time service which, due to high demand, operates with a significant waiting list. We offer specialist assessment and diagnosis of ADHD and ASD, ADHD medication initiation and titration. focussed OT work for ADHD (group based for the majority) and specialist medical review for those with an established diagnosis who are taking medication for ADHD. If medication is appropriate, following initiation and titration, once the medication is stable, the service operates on a shared care basis with Primary Care, such that monitoring and prescribing takes place in Primary Care (by the GP) with annual specialist review in the Sutton Adult ADHD Clinic. We have We do not provide care co-ordination, general mental health support or crisis response.

Please note: waiting times for both ASD and ADHD assessment are currently around 18 months. See our leaflet for more information.

Who is the service for

This is service for people over 18 who live in the boroughs of Sutton and Merton and who are registered with a GP in Sutton.

Where to find us

Jubilee Health Centre East
6 Stanley Park Road

Telephone: 020 3513 5000
Fax: 020 3513 4456

Our opening hours

9-5 Monday to Friday



Who you might see / our staff

Team Manager: Ruth Niles

Team Administrators: Monica Aso-Aidoo, Cissy Obinna and Yukie Kato-Green

Highly Specialised Psychologist: Dr Azra Pervaiz

Highly Specialised Psychologist: Dr Gemma Casey

Non-Medical Prescriber:  Annabel Jackson

Specialist Occupational Therapist: Aisling Lally

Assistant Psychologist: Faiza Ali

Consultant Psychiatrists: Dr Shahab Tamuri,

Consultant Psychiatrists (Clinical Lead) Dr Olimpia Belea

What you can expect

  • All referrals received are screened and the outcome of this screening communicated to the referrer.
  • Where an appropriate referral is made for an individual for diagnostic assessment, the individual is sent questionnaires and/or personal statement request; these form an important part of the assessment and also serve as a means by which the individual confirms their wish to proceed. Questionnaires must be completed and returned within the stipulated timeframe; failure to do so, without contacting us, results in discharge.
  • When completed questionnaires are received the individual is added to the waiting list for face-to-face assessment with a clinician.
  • If a diagnosis is made, treatment options are discussed; these include medication and OT input if required – an individual will be added to the wait list of the appropriate clinician depending on the agreed plan for treatment.
  • Medication is prescribed by a psychiatrist or a Non-Medical-Prescriber (NMP) and monitored from clinic during the initiation and titration phase. When medication is stable, a shared care agreement is set up with the GP, such that prescribing and monitoring takes place in Primary Care, with annual specialist review in the ADHD clinic.
  • Occupational therapy work is offered in a time limited group setting for the majority of people and delivered by our Specialised OT.
  • Where referral is made for an individual who already has a diagnosis of ADHD, evidence is required of previous robust assessment. Without this, full re-assessment is required
  • Where there is evidence of previous robust diagnosis, an individual is offered medical review with a psychiatrist in the ADHD clinic in the first instance, treatment options are then considered and progress through the treatment pathway is as above.
  • Where referral is made for an ASD diagnostic assessment, our highly specialist psychologists will complete the assessment. This may take place over two appointments and include a follow-up appointment it needed. The outcome of the assessment is feedback in a comprehensive report.

How to contact us


External organisation and GP referrals Via Electronic Referrals System (ERS)


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