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Art Therapies - Wandsworth

Who we are

Wandsworth Arts Psychotherapies is a team of experienced therapists who are trained to help you communicate your feelings through, music, art or movement. We offer weekly individual or group sessions. Individual sessions run for an hour, usually for a period of 16 weeks. Group sessions run on a rolling programme with a maximum of 6 people meeting for a period of 20 weeks.

Who is the service for

For people under the care of a Wandsworth Community Mental Health Team who are suffering from a severe mental illness and who may benefit from a non-verbal approach to psychological therapy.

Conditions we treat

We cover the following conditions:

Bipolar disorder
Personality Disorder

Where to find us

Arts Psychotherapies Clinic
Newton Building Entrance 2
Springfield University Hospital
Glenburnie Road
SW17 7DJ

Telephone: 020 3513 5000

Our opening hours

Tuesday - Friday: 09:00 - 17:00

Who you might see / our staff

  • Music Therapist: Rachel Bell
  • Art Psychotherapist: Anna Baines
  • Dance Movement Psychotherapist: Leah Crowe

What you can expect

The practice of Arts Psychotherapy aims to help people who find it hard to explain their feelings in words to share their problems. This may be because they feel overwhelmed, confused, worried, ashamed, do not choose to/have the ability to speak, or do not have English as their first language. The Arts Psychotherapist will support you to communicate your feelings either through sound, art or movement. You will also have the opportunity to reflect and think with the therapist about what you have created in the session, how it relates to you and perhaps explore new approaches to familiar problems. These therapies are not classes, so no previous experience in dance, music or art is necessary.


You need to be under the care of a Wandsworth Community Mental Health Team. Ask your care coordinator to send us a referral form. We will then invite you to meet with a therapist for an initial meeting to think further about which of the therapies could help you. There will be a follow-up meeting to use the art materials, instruments or movement and goals of therapy discussed, if treatment is planned.