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Index of services

Wandsworth SPA (Single Point of Access for Adult Mental health Services)

Who we are

We offer triage and assessment of mental health needs for all service users who live in Wandsworth and have been referred to community mental health services. 

Who is the service for

This service is for adults aged 18-75 who live in the Wandsworth area. 

Where to find us

Springfield University Hospital
Harewood House (Building 1)
61 Glenburnie Road
SW17 7DJ

Telephone: 020 3513 5000
Fax: 020 3513 5917

Our opening hours

Our Opening Hours:  Monday – Friday  9 – 5

Support for service users and carers outside of these hours is accessed via Crisis and Home Treatment Teams. 

Who you might see / our staff

We have a multi-disciplinary team made up of:

Team Manager , Consultant Psychiatrist, Trainee doctors, , Referral Triage Coordinators (Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker)    


The preferred referral method is by email

E mail: 

It would be best if emergency referrals are discussed on the telephone with the duty worker.

Telephone: 020 3513 4421 / 6257

We will accept e-FAX referrals - eFax No: 020 3513 5917


We will develop a care plan with the service user and then signpost to the appropriate care pathway as required.


  • Emergency referrals will be assessed within 24 hours
  • Urgent referrals will be assessed within 7 working days
  • Routine referrals will be assessed within 28 days.

“Your GP would be able to advise you on whether a referral would be appropriate and make the referral if needed, but we will also accept referrals where there is a clear description of a serious mental health need from service users, carers, local housing services, social services, police, and others.”

When a referral is received it will be reviewed in the daily multidisciplinary referral meeting and allocated to a Lead health care professional  (HCP) from the team. They will navigate the service user through the service and ensure the care plan is clear before they are closed to the SPA Team. The service user might be contacted for a telephone triage or more full telephone assessment or may be asked to come to see the Referral triage assessor. (HCP) They might also get booked in for an assessment with one of the teams doctors. 

Following assessment,  if the service user needs care from secondary mental health services the Lead HCP will ensure the smooth transition to the appropriate team. This can include the CMHTs/recovery and support teams, the Home treatment team, the complex needs team and to Wandsworth Psychological therapies Team. (IAPT)