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Community Mental Health Survey

Community mental health survey

The community mental health survey is conducted every year by CQC. It represents the experiences of over 13,000 people who received specialist care or treatment for a mental health condition in 55 NHS trusts in England during a specified time each year.

In the latest Care Quality Commission report of people who use community mental health services 2016, the Trust placed joint first of three trusts that scored 7.5 (out of ten) for the overall experience out of the 58 NHS Trusts in England and the only mental health trust to achieve this score.

Over 65 per cent of respondents rated their overall experience of the Trust with a score of seven (out of 10) or above. SWLSTG rated better than all other Trusts in  ‘overall views of care and services’ and for ‘overall experience’.

As well as ranking in the top three for the survey, the Trust is pleased that the survey acknowledges improvements in supporting service users on finding and keeping work – an 18 per cent increase from last year’s survey.  

Chief Executive David Bradley said:                

“These results are really encouraging, they demonstrate that people who responded to this important survey are happy with the service we offer.  However we are committed to continual improvement and  we understand there is much more work to do in our community mental health services. Our teams continue to work very hard to support the South West London mental health community and are leading on initiatives to ensure patients receive treatment closer to their home.

“We have just opened up our Lotus Assessment Suite which is helping to improve the overall experience of mental health patients in crisis and help reduce the demand on A&E departments locally. We are also launching crisis cafes next year.

“We are also increasing our support for people with mental health issues on employment.  As a leading mental health trust in London we are bringing together thought leaders in mental health and employment to share learning  to support the community to find and keep  work across south west London as part of the Mayor’s work to develop a mental health road-map for London.”

2015 Results

In the 2015 survey, published by the CQC on 21 October 2015, we achieved an overall score of 85.6 per cent with patients saying they have had a good experience while using our mental health community services.

We were also voted best in London for overall patient experience, and also in the top 20 per cent in the country for several areas that look at user experience including:

  • 80.4% of patients saying they definitely or to some extent agree that care takes into account their personal circumstance.
  • 76.3% of patients saying they had a formal review in the last year.
  • 68.2% of patients saying they are seen often enough for their needs with patients rating their experience at 72.7%.

The 2015 results also see an overall improvement on 2014 scores where patients feel they are more involved in planning for their care and are booked on a recent formal meeting to review their care. A greater number of patients also said they knew exactly who to contact in a crisis.

Patients said they had a good experience while using our mental health community services, according to the annual Community Mental Health Survey published by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).