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our charity

Our charity

Mental health problems can be life changing, but we know that with the right support amazing things can, and do, happen.

Anyone can experience a mental health problem. They effect one in four of us every year. With the right help and support it is possible to reduce the impact of mental health challenges and improve the lives of people facing these challenges.

Our charity supports people with mental health problems and helps them to stay active and to be more actively involved in their communities.

Our Trust provides a wide range of excellent local and national services. However it’s a really pressurised time for NHS mental health services right now.

This affects both our patients and staff. We work closely with our staff and patients and there are already examples of initiatives that add value above and beyond what we do and go the extra mile in improving people’s lives. 

We do everything we can to make things better for people who come to us for help. From providing funding for special projects or patient and family support to pioneering research and the transformation of our local mental health hospitals into more comfortable and welcoming environments. Your support can make these things happen.

With your help we can help improve the lives of our patients, their carers and families.  

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